Our History

In 2012, citrus fruits farmers (since 1992) sensitive to water scarcity problem, decided to grow and produce a healthy and water-saving fruit, appreciated throughout the Mediterranean basin: the prickly pear.

Thus was born Cactus Challenger Sarl, the company that produces and distributes Sweet Hendi.

Sweet Hendi quickly became the fruit enjoyed by all, distributed both in the leading retail networks in Morocco and in the traditional neighborhood markets.

Present 9 months out of 12 on stalls, Sweet Hendi quickly became a quality label combining taste, caliber and traceability.

Our Values

Environment Respect

  • Water saving
  • Sustainable agriculture production
  • Global GAP certification.

Optimal Quality

  • Fruit picking with a knife (DLC 7 to 15 days)
  • Selective collection according to the degree of maturity (optimal Brix rate)
  • Sorting and packaging of crops, only the big caliber of beautiful appearance is sold
  • Machine-brushed fruit 99.95% thornless

Accurate Logistics

  • Cold chain respect
  • Conditioning at 17 ° C
  • Transported in Morocco at 15 - 18 ° C
  • One-time use finished product packaging, own visual identity

Social Engagement

  • Cactus Challenger is commits to paying a portion of its income in education (school support, rehabilitation of classrooms) in rural areas.

Global Gap Certification

We are also Global Gap certified (Good Agricultural Practice), we thus guarantee to our customers an optimal quality within the sectorial good practices for our fruits production.